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So. What is Subliminal Coaching™?

Subliminal Coaching™ is a method of reprogramming one’s subliminal mind.

Like Hypnosis?

Yes and No.    Hypnosis is administered by someone other than the person who is seeking change. ie Therapist.  In Subliminal Coaching™ The person (end user of the brain) is the one decides how/where that takes place.

PLUS   During Subliminal Coaching™ You are in full awake mode.

Many clients enjoy adding their Subliminal Coaching™ Files to their running playlist.

How much?

Here is the deal.

We are testing a new pricing scheme called Fair Buyer Pricing™ (Big Problems-Big$$$ . small problems-small$)

YOU tell us how much you are willing to pay.

How Does it work?

Contact Us.