Cause and Effect and When to “act”

We live in a physical world.

Here, there are “Causes” and “Effects”

That’s essentially “The law of the land”

Our Thoughts, therefore, are  “the cause”, and the “tangible things” we see around , “The life experiences” with which we meet in life are “the effects”.

Abraham says ” You know where you are vibrating by 2 ways.

1) How you feel.

2) What is manifesting around you.

So even if something crappy is in your experience, the smart thing to do is eliminate any tendency to complain of any condition.

See them as  has been, or history.

Direct your thoughts effort to a solution, realization of the ideas and  resources that are always at your command.

Persist in this practice.

Remember  In the beginning of any action is the result of conscious thought.

Stop before reacting. focus on what is important.

When the right thought comes to you;